Our Company


We’re a boutique distributor of wine, spirits and specialty products & accoutrements. Based in Houston, we seek out the most enjoyable and unique products to bring within reach of the consumer at Texas liquor stores and specialty retail outlets.

Our Shareholders

Our shareholders and staff appreciate, enjoy and participate directly in the selection of the products we distribute. We are from Texas and cater to Texans’ discernment and taste.

Our Products


Texas Two Step Vodka

Dash Vodka

The Pianist Gin

Texas Tango Whiskey


Other Specialties

Our Suppliers

We pride ourselves in catering to clients who are involved in the production and marketing of their own, high-quality products that are new to the market. Our clients are typically making their debut with products that are exciting and offer exciting new tastes, sophistication, or uniqueness.

Our horizontal organizational charts allows us to bring forth a custom-built distribution strategy and retailer portfolio to every client, thereby increasing the exposure to discerning customers.

Our Clients

We reach both the independent, smaller retailers and the large chains all over Texas. Our retailer clients cover the major Texas markets, as well as the target market segments within them.

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Grow your brand with Texas Tango. With our industry expertise, City-wide footprint, deep sales data insights, and state-of-the-art digital capabilities, your brand has never been in better hands. Whether you produce beer, wine, spirits, or a non-alcoholic beverage, you can count on the service and commitment we will put behind your brand and your products.